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We are Building a Whiskey Distillery

The first community governed distillery (DAO).
We are a group of builders, technologists and whiskey lovers.
We believe that a community of like minded people can come together to design and build a truly great whiskey distillery.

DistilleryDAO is a community driven distillery that we can share in, have pride in, visit together and taste together.

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* Whiskey is also one of the fastest growing luxury investments, having grown nearly 500% according to KFLII. And finally, Whiskey has been used for centuries as an asset that can be bartered. In this uncertain world, there are few greater assets one could store.


We are building a whiskey distillery, governed on the blockchain.


We are coming together as a community to design and build a Whiskey Distillery. This is an opportunity to be a part of the building of a whiskey brand and distillery from the ground up. We will be launching with a whitelist then a general offering to buy governance tokens in the Distillery DAO.


As we build our community, the DAO will form committees so individuals can work on everything from location, whiskey type, to brand. The Distillery will hire full-time staff that will work with the community through this process. In whiskey, there is always an option to buy or blend spirits to get moving faster, which we can consider - openly and transparently - with our community.


Our ideal plan is to have the resources to build a real distillery that our community can visit, drink out of and build a community around. While the community will be involved in everything from location to whiskey types, the one thing we will never compromise on is authenticity of what we are creating.


From sharing in merchandise (the best whiskey glasses and accessories) to ideas on new whiskey innovations, to even exploration of nonalcoholic or low alcohol spirits (if that's what the community wants, no judgement!), the goal is to share in this experience together, have fun and create products that will be drank and shared with our family and friends.


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What’s a DAO?

DAOs are ‘decentralized autonomous organizations’ whose structures are governed by ‘smart contracts’ recorded on the blockchain. In other words - it is a way for a group of people to come together to take action together in a structured, transparent way. People can purchase membership in the DAO through governance tokens, and become a part of voting on product and other issues, and receive other perks.

What’s DistilleryDAO?

A group of whiskey enthusiasts, aficionados, connoisseurs and even drunks joining forces to build our own whiskey distillery.

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Why Whiskey?

We love it. From the soil to the grain to the mash and to the bottle… it’s a traditional process that has been part of our tradition for hundreds of years.

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Will there be a whitelist?

Yes! We will send more information to people that subscribe and have a limited number of NFTs available on the white list. You will need to join the Discord and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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How do I become a member of the DAO?

You join the DAO and receive perks as per above. You can buy tokens in Ethereum, or buy in USD and we will convert it for you automatically. It is the same cost to you. (It is important to have these transactions exist on the blockchain so they are captured in a permanent record, and easy to transact on or trade on later).

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Are there Membership Card purchase limits?

No. But we have a limited number of tokens for sale.

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Are you selling NFTs, tokens, or…?

We are selling NFTs that will represent governance of the DAO, and special perks associated with the number of tokens you hold. In other words, more tokens means more control of the DAO, on elite committees (including tasting committee), and other perks.

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What will be the use of the proceeds?

The proceeds, net of taxes, will be used to fund the DAO operations, including, but not limited to:

• Best people, including whiskey experts and operational leadership
• Build (or potentially purchase of) a distillery and land (cost dependent)
• Other team members including engineering, marketing, legal, compliance, and accounting
• Community development
• Brand development
• Other incentives
• Some of the funds will be converted from ETH into stablecoin shortly after the sale to begin work.

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I’ve joined the DAO. Now what?

We will encourage the active participation in voting and development of major decisions, from what type of whiskey to develop to brand development! We will share exactly how to do so on our Discord.

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What about other spirits?

Absolutely! Distilleries often produce other spirits that can be bottled faster than whiskey, or in conjunction with whiskey. And many people have told us they are interested in non alcoholic spirits. Wouldn’t this be a fun thing to figure out as a community?

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The DistilleryDAO is a group of whiskey enthusiasts, people that love a good bourbon, rye, or scotch. Come be part of our community. Subscribe below to learn about DistilleryDAO and how to get into our exclusive Whitelist.
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